Mission Statement

GingerCare specializes in matching homeless pets with the elderly in a mutually beneficial relationship that allows for stimulation and companionship amongst both, all while providing the necessary medical care for the pet. This is to include regular visits by a veterinarian or technician whom helps to assist and educate the client in caring for their pet. When the client can no longer properly care for the animal, GingerCare aids in the intake process in order to prepare the pet for a new home.

Estimated Annual Costs per Companion

Veterinary costs                                                                 $350

Preventatives                                                                       300

Food and treats                                                                    800

Bedding and toys                                                                 450

Grooming                                                                             600

Emergency medical care                                                   1,000

Total                                                                                 $3,500

Fixed Annual Costs

Liability insurance                                                             $1,000


All photography by Kat Bevel